So you bought that force-feedback joystick because it sounded like a good idea, but then Baldur's Gate came out and you haven't touched it since. Now it sits, covered in dust, on the outskirts of your computer desk. Perhaps even covered by a pile of papers. Well dust off your force-feedback joystick, because its time for a dancing friend to keep you company while you groove to your favorite MP3's! With SteSoft DanceForce, you place a sock puppet on the joystick (partly for coolness, partly to cover the optical sensor) and prepare to bust-a-move with whoever you manage to create the likeness of in your puppet!
DanceForce is an AVS Module which doesn't render anything to the graphics buffer. It simply uses AVS so that it can get beat detection information and integrate with all the cool preset effects already out there. It could have been a standalone WinAmp plugin, but then you couldn't make a "stage" for your dancing puppet in front of your monitor and watch it groove to the beat!



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Updated 2/10/07: Check out this video from a danceforce user!

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